Lienish Sovereign Republic

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Lienish Sovereign Republic
Lienio Suvereno Republike
Lienish flag.png
Lienish CoA.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Lebtebor i tebor lebor
("Live and let live")
Anthem: Vi itoi Lienio pipole
("We're Lienish People")
and largest city
Official languagesLienish, Ukrainian, Russian
Demonym(s)Lienish, Lieniar
GovernmentDemocratic republic
• President
Mićaöl Lienere
• Prime Minister
Ladmell Lepotero
Establishment25 October 2021
• Total
0.0000028 km2 (1.1×10−6 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyLienish spinil
Time zonePST

Lienish Sovereign Republic (also known as Lienia) is a micronation founded in 25 October 2021. Although it's exists for a year now it's only somewhat developed due to the lack of time of most citizens. However its government is trying hard to suceed as a micronation and have 3.3/10 by Freyath's System of Classification.



Lienish predecessor was Ukrainian micronation Hwamba, created by the same man, Michayol Lienere. Hwamba completely stopped functioning in December 2020 because of a lack of govermental interest and control. Another attempt at creating micronation has been taken in March–October 2021. It was six-month-long development of new micronation. In March–April was chosen name "Lienia" for the country, then it was time for the first projects of flags. Then, in August–September, was written first drafts of the constitution and Lienish grammar. A new era for Lienia began in October 2021.


The official founding date of the Lienish Sovereign Republic is considered 25 October 2021. President says that Lienia became independent on 22 January, but its higher development began 2 months earlier. The second important step in the Lienish history was signing Act of Independence on 22 January 2022. From that moment, Lienish Sovereign Republic became fully independent from Ukraine, and as its Act says from any other countries, nations, and micronations.


On 24 February 2022, with the beginning of the Ukrainian-Russo War, the Lienish government left Ukraine. At end of May Lienish government arrived in Canada. In 25 October, 2022 Lienish Soveriegn Republic began reformation of Lienish language. By 12 December, it started finding diplomatic relations.


The lienish Sovereign Republic is located in Canada. It is bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean and USA to the south.


National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January The first day of the year. Replaces Christmas in Lienia, that has no official religion.
Norton's day 8 January The day of honoring Emperor Norton I.
International Women's Day 8 March Celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women.
Sauron's falling day 25 March Celebration of death of Sauron, Lord of The Ring.
Foundation Day 25 October Foundation of the Lienish Sovereign Republic.
International Men's Day 19 November Celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards men.
Day Of President 26 November Celebration of rulership of current President.


Lienish Sovereign Republic is a parliamentary-presidential republic or Semi-presidential system. Lienish Parliament (which in the Lienish Sovereign Republic call Gdarames) is a legislative branch, and Lienish President is an executive branch. There is a Lienish Court which, of course, is a judicial branch.

Law and order

There is a Constitution in the Lienish Sovereign Republic, which was written on 25 October 2021 and for the moment has 12 articles. It is the main law of the Lienish Sovereign Republic. Lienish Gdarames, like the legislative branch, create bills of new laws.

Foreign policy

Now the Lienish Sovereign Republic is officially recognized as macronations:

It also does not recognize Donetsk and Luhansk People's "Republics". Now the Lienish Sovereign Republic is planning open its micronational foreign affairs by July 2022, when Prime Minister endorses President's project for opening relations with Aerican Empire. From 19 April 2022 Lienish Sovereign Republic joined Union Against Micronational War. In Russo-Ukrainian War Lienish Sovereign Republic stands with Ukraine. Our President also asked to particulary uderline, that our nation hates totalitaristic state of Samizdat.