List of Quixotican national symbols

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This is a list of the various national symbols, insignia, and emblems of the Kingdom of Quixotica.

State insignia

Type Symbol Picture Date Adopted Description
Flag "the Three Best Shades of Purple" May 24, 2017 Three horizontal bands of color, equal in size.
The three different shades of purple
that are as follows (in descending order):
Lilac, Mauve, and Pansy.
Seal "the Great Seal of the Kingdom of Quixotica" November 18, 2017 A Roman consul extends a hand holding a treatise to
a retro-futuristic astronaut. The two stand upon a stone spire
as a Scottish Highlander looks on from an adjacent cliff's edge.
A fantastical medieval city filled with towers
sits upon a hill in the background. Also in the backrgound are a multitude
of large mountains. A forested expanse sprawls
beneath the spire and onwards to the rocky mountain's edge.
Massive clouds break overhead to reveal the sun and its powerful rays.
A magpie flies to the right of the stone spire.
Song Type Picture Date Adopted
by Maurice Ravel
June 26, 2017
The Girl I Left Behind Me
also known as Brighton Camp
by unknown 17th Century writer
August 2, 2017
Motto Type Text Date Adopted
"Solus Mortuus est Cum Pisces Ire Flow"
(Latin: Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow)
"If Everyone is Thinking the Same,
then Somebody isn't Thinking"
Traditional If Everyone is Thinking the Same,
then Somebody isn't Thinking
June 26, 2017

Note: The original motto of the Kingdom of Quixotica now currently serves as the nation's traditional motto.

Royal Symbols

Type Symbol Picture Date Adopted
Flag "the Great Royal Standard" May 14, 2018
Motto Text Date Adopted
"Vincit Omnia Veritas"
(Latin: Truth Conquers All Things)

*The Quixotican Royal Motto is the family motto of the ruling House of Eaton, a house whose origins can be traced back the 13th Century.

Administrative symbols


Entity Insignia Date Adopted
Prime Minister of Quixotica June 27, 2017
Deputy Prime Minister of Quixotica August 12, 2017
Advisory Council of Quixotica August 26, 2017
Minister of Foreign Relations July 2, 2018


Entity Seal Date Adopted Description
Prime Minister of Quixotica July 29, 2018 An ancient Greek scene in a western landscape.
Scene in center is surrounded by 50 circles
as well as the words "Prime Minister" and
"The Kingdom of Quixotica".
Deputy Prime Minister of Quixotica July 29, 2018 King Arthur receives Excalibur from
the Lady of the Lake. Scene in center is
surrounded by the words "Deputy Prime Minister"
and "The Kingdom of Quixotica".
Advisory Council of Quixotica August 5, 2018 An ancient throne flanked on both sides by fire.
Scene in center is surrounded by the words
"Advisory Council" and "The Kingdom of Quixotica".
Ministry of Foreign Relations August 10, 2018 Thought clouds containing scenes from various
cultures mixed with symbols of good diplomacy.
Scene in center is surrounded by the words
"Ministry of Foreign Relations" and "Quixotica".
Planet Earth is depicted in the bottom left corner.

Living symbols

Type Symbol Binomial Name Picture Date Adopted
Amphibian Tadpole Life Stage of the order Anura May 24, 2017
Bird American Magpie Pica hudsonia July 22, 2017
Fish Pacific Halibut Hippoglossus stenolepis July 22, 2017
Flower Marigold Tagetes erecta May 24, 2017
Mammal American Bison Bison bison May 24, 2017
Reptile Garter Snake Thamnophis elegans May 24, 2017
Tree Weeping Willow Salix × Sepulcralis May 24, 2017

Prehistoric symbols

Geological Period Symbol Binomial Name Picture Date Adopted
Cambrian Hallucinogenia Hallucinogenia sparsa July 23, 2017
Ordovician Nautiloid Orthoceras regulare September 4, 2017
Silurian First Vascular Plant Cooksonia pertoni December 17, 2017
Devonian Dunkleosteus Dinichthys terrelli July 22, 2017
Carboniferous Arthropleura Arthropluera armata July 22, 2017
Triassic Ichthyosaur Temnodontosaurus eurycephalus July 23, 2017
Jurassic Allosaurus Allosaurus fragilis July 22, 2017
Cretaceous Troodon Troodon inequalis July 22, 2017
Tertiary Amebelodon Ambelodon fricki September 13, 2017
Quaternary Woolly Mammoth Mammuthus primigenius July 22, 2017

Earth symbols

Type Symbol Picture Date Adopted
Crystal Bismuth August 2, 2017
Gemstone Topaz August 6, 2017
Mineral Turquoise July 24, 2017
Rock Obsidian July 24, 2017

Cultural symbols

Type Name Picture Date Adopted
Crop Russet Potato September 13, 2017

Symbols of Quixotican constituencies

Seals of Quixotican constituencies

Constituency Seal Date Adopted Description
Redemption Hill August 1, 2018 The Second Inauguration of Dylan R. Light
which took place in Redemption Hill on August 4, 2017.
The date on which Redemption Hill was admitted as a
constituency appears at the bottom of the center scene.
The center scene is surrounded by the words "Redemption Hill"
and the phrase "Μια νέα ελπίδα σε μια νέα γη" which means
"A New Hope in a New Land" in Greek.
Eatonville August 25, 2018 A shield divided into four parts sits in the middle of the seal.
The four scenes depicted on the shield are as follows:
a mourning dove, a train crossing a bridge,
a Dinosaur with a flying saucer, and a crabapple tree.
A cluster of white grapes sits above the shield.
The central shield is surrounded by the words
"The Indpependent City of Eatonville" and "Ut Diligatis Invicem",
a latin translation of William Seward's last words "Love one another".

Flags of current Quixotican Constituencies

Constituency Flag Name Picture Date Adopted
Eatonville "the Memory" January 13, 2018
Redemption Hill "the Pinnacle" November 25, 2017
New Albion "the Trail Blazer" July 23, 2018
Avonia "Mountain Fireworks" January 15, 2018
Coaltrium "the Studio" April 22, 2018

Flags of former Quixotican constituencies

Constituency Flag Name Picture Date Adopted
Lordship of the Lights "the Grand New Flag" August 17, 2017
Unnamed Province "the Unknown" November 22, 2017
Quixotican Far West "Hope in the Pacific" December 1, 2017

Constituency pictograms

Constituency Pictogram Description Date Adopted
Redemption Hill A solar eclipse with a diamond. September 1, 2018
Eatonville An abstract network of shapes. September 1, 2018
Avonia Sunset in the mountains. September 1, 2018
Coaltrium Crystals embedded in rock. September 1, 2018
New Albion An 18th century British galleon. September 1, 2018
New New South Wales A star with an arrow. September 1, 2018

Pictograms of former constituencies

Constituency Pictogram Description
Adventure A house and rocket under the moon.
Phonopotamia A phonograph playing a vinyl record.
Pudak Principality Nine circles in three rows.
Galapago The skyline of a modern metropolis.
Unnamed Province The variable "X" and four small circles.
Lordship of the Lights Two balloons tied to a treasure chest.
Irving A monogram of the letters "IR".
Quixotican Far West A rainstorm at sea.