List of deceased micronationalist animals

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The following is a list of micronationalists who are animals, who have died.

Name Role Animal Death date Age Cause of death Reference
Cally Anna Head of state of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya Cat 15 January 2013 17 Unspecified illness [citation needed]
Frido van Houten Prime Minister of Derskovia Budgerigar 11 May 2014 9 Natural cause [citation needed]
Marlen Bonnet Royal Pet of the Federal Kingdom of Nixland Rabbit 23 January 2017 4 Uterine adenocarcinoma [citation needed]
Toulouse Chief Mouser of Occitania Cat 14 August 2017 7 Bladder tumor [citation needed]
General-Admiral Bowie of Wyvern General-Admiral, Wyvern Army Dog 18 December 2012 16 Euthanasia [citation needed]
Bear Morris Presidential pet of Kapreburg Dog 25 August 2018 15 Put down due to cancer [citation needed]
Archie Royal pet of Luke I of Wellmoore Dog 2021 8 Euthanasia [citation needed]
B.S. Hedgehog Prime Minister of the Sprinske Empire Hedgehog 19 June 2022 Unknown Assassinated Sprinske Empire

(Post civil war section)

Harriet Queen of the Kingdom of Gallusfloofia Chicken 2018 5 Unknown Kingdom of Gallusfloofia

(History section)

Bailey Countess of Cavendish Cat 30 June 2023 14 Euthanasia Lytera

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