List of ministries of Waterslandia

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Ministry Secretary Offices and bureaus Date created
Ministry of Defense His Majesty

Secretary of Defense

Office of War

Office of Border Control

His Majesty’s Royal Military

11 October 2022
Ministry of Education None

Secretary of Education

Office of Public Schools

Waterslandia National Library

09 October 2022
Ministry of Faith Her Royalty

Secretary of Faith

Office of the Church 08 October 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs His Majesty

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Office of Diplomacy 08 October 2022
Ministry of Health None

Secretary of Health

None 08 October 2022
Ministry of Information None

Secretary of Information

Copyright Office

Waterslandian Broadcasting Administration

Waterslandian Weather Service

17 October 2022
Ministry of Sanitation None

Secretary of Sanitation

Litter Control Office 10 October 2022
Ministry of National Parks and Nature None

Secretary of National Parks and Nature

Office of National Parks

Office of Nature and Animals

4 November 2022