Lomellinian Counties

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Crown of the Lomellinian Counts

The Lomellinian Counts or also called Earldom (sometimes Countdom) are a territorial type or domain ruled by a count or countess in the Principality of Lomellina. The counties are by right semi-sovereign states under the rule of the prince, they can make their own laws and traditions altough they still have to follow the Lomellinian Aristocracy decisions culturaly, security, diplomatic or scientific. The counties can be graded as two types: Archipelagos and UPOL (Unique Pieces Of Land), the archipelagos as the name refer are groups of islands or islets in the same area in a radius of ~500 km2, as for the UPOL, they're vast pieces of land in the same continent or country. Whin the Counties there are several Viscounties that are islands or islets in the Archipelagos and cities or towns in UPOLs.

List of Counties

Flag Name Location Count/Countess
Ross Archipelago
County of Ross
Archipelago of Glaciem
County of Glaciem
Qaqortoq, Greenland

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