Lomellinian Grand-Duchies

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Crown of the Lomellinian Grand-Dukes

The Lomellinian Grand-Duchies or also called Grand-Dukedoom are a territorial type or domain ruled by a grand-duke or grand-duchess in the Principality of Lomellina. The gran-duchies are by right semi-sovereign states under the rule of the prince, they can make their own laws and traditions although they still have to follow the Lomellinian Aristocracy decisions culturaly, security, diplomatic or scientific.

At first the grand-duchies were created by the Prince to organize and categorize celestial possessions of Lomellina aka LGE although this is not a rule, a Duchy and Grand-Duchy can take place in planet Earth as so the other political domains. Within the Grand-Duchies there are several Duchies wich are pieces of land that are different from each other in the case of galactic territories, in the case of terrestrial duchies they are mostly depicted as cities or districts.

List of Grand-Duchies

Flag Name Location Grand-Duke/Grand-Duchess
Grand-Duchy of Mars
(part of Lomellinian Galactic Empire)
Planet Mars
Grand-Duchy of Venus
(part of Lomellinian Galactic Empire)
Planet Venus

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