Lord Chief Justice of Takaeya

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Lord Chief Justice of Takaeya
Supreme Court of Takaeya
StyleThe Right Honourable
NominatorMinister of Justice
AppointerThe Monarch
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation14 September 2022

The Lord Chief Justice of Takaeya, commonly referred to as the Chief Justice of Takaeya, is the head of the Judiciary in the Empire of Takaeya and head of the Supreme Court of Takaeya.


The office of lord chief justice was established on 14 September 2022, initially named the "Chief Justice". However the office was renamed to "Lord Chief Justice" on 15 September 2022.


The Lord Chief Justice plays a key role in the empire.

Their duties and powers include but aren't limited to:

  • Appointing Some Supreme Court Justices
  • Overseeing the Trial of all Peers and Vassal Leaders
  • Overseeing Most High Treason Cases
  • Tending to Constitutional Court Cases


The Lord Chief Justice is nominated by the empire's Minister of Justice when a vacancy occurs. The monarch then typically appoints the nominee to office based on the minister's recommendation.

As the Lord Chief Justice is a significant office in the empire and the minister of justice makes the nomination, the minister of justice can be viewed as one of the most powerful ministers in the empire.

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