Federal Intelligence Agency

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Federal Intelligence Agency
LBPIA Emblem
Motto:Bring Justice to everyone
Founded:November 2009
Head:Rafli Hidayat
Headquarters:Dredim Capital Region

The Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA), formerly Los Bay Petrosian Intelligence Agency, is the civilian intelligence agency of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. It was formed on November 2009, prior to the December Revolution. The current head of the FIA is Rafli Hidayat.

Head of FIA

FIA has 2 heads since it was formed on November 2009, they are:

Declassified Cases

Name of the case Time Status
Seven Revolution December 7 2009 Success
Rama Scandal February 2010 Success
Ding-Ding-Dong Separatism March 2011 Success
Апрель кровоточить(Bloody April) or Sjaffel Separatism April 2011 Success