Lostislandic General Elections, May 2012

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Lostislandic General Elections
All 3 seats to the Parliament of Lostisland
May 8, 2012
Majority party Minority party
Lnc2.png Newcpl.jpg
Leader Yaroslav Mar and Stepan Ignatiev John Gordon
Party LNC Communist
Alliance Capitalists Socialists
Leader since 2012 2012
Leader's seat N/A N/A
Last election N/A N/A
Electoral vote N/A N/A
States carried N/A N/A
Seats won 2 1
Seat change N/A N/A
Popular vote 83 N/A
Percentage 83% 17%
Swing N/A N/A
General Elections' official logo.

Lostislandic General Elections were announced on the 9th of March 2012 and appointed by a special Decree on 1st of May.[1] At 1st of May, another Decree by the Captains Regent postponed[2] the elections for one week, appointing it to be held on May 8th.

Party candidates

Lostislandic National Congress

The Lostislandic National Congress is a new political entity, formed after the merge of the Democratic and Republican parties. As the official press release says, the unification was held especially for the upcoming General Elections and to compete with the Communist Party, which had the majority of votes according to exit polls.[3] The main goal of the Lostislandic National Congress is to implement the political program Lostisland in 3D, which was declared as the official program for the national development in 2012.[4]

Communist Party of Lostisland

The Communist Party of Lostisland announced its participation in the General Elections immediately after foundation, and confesses the ideology of Communism and Marxism-Leninism, with intenses to turn Lostisland into a communist nation.



Republic of Lostisland

Flag of LostislandCoat of arms of LostislandAnthem of LostislandNational University of the Republic of Lostisland


Yaroslav MarJohn GordonAlexander Karapavlovič


Captains Regent of LostislandDemocratic Party of LostislandRepublican Party of LostislandCommunist Party of LostislandParty for Freedom and Democracy of Lostisland


Northern HeraldTVL


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