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The Lusophone Commonwealth (Comunidade Lusófona, abbreviated as LC) was an organism of micronations inspired by the European Union, that merged three lusophone projects: Free Community of Pasargada, the Republic of Mallorca and the Independent Nation of Avalon. It was founded in november 2001, by Pasargada and Mallorca, in order to fight against the dispersion of micronational efforts. In June 2002, Avalon joined the Commonwealth, becoming its third and last member state.

The Commonwealth has published an extensive and deep Treaty of Constitution, establishing several special regimes within the three micronations. It has had many integrated diplomatic decisions and the Unified Recognition Standarts, which was activated many times with success. The Chancellor of Lusophone Commonwealth was the highest office of LC, occupied in a three-month mandate by each Head of State of signatory nation.

The CL always suffered from negative press from adversaries in lusophone sector, which accused it of "imperialist pasargadism". Mallorca, the second micronation, retired irrevocably in November 2004, a fact that crushed the Commonwealth's viability. In July 2005, Pasargada declared LC extinct, the same time dormant Avalon was taken on as Pasargadan protectorate.

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