Lycene golden cıjk

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Lycene Golden Cıjk
PluralGolden Cıjkar
Symbol号 / LCK
Banknotes1000LCK, 5000LCK, 50000LCK, 100000LCK
User(s)Lycene Freehold
Central bankIron Bank
Pegged with2,50 VBE

The Golden Cıjk, or simply Cıjk was the currency unit of the Lycene Freehold before it became part of Sabia and Verona. The currency was created by the Lordship of Gold in order of the King of Lycem. The plural form of the Cıjk was Cıjkar and 1000 Cıjkar were subdivided into 500 Daelyonar.

The banknotes were designed by King Rhaegal, and although officially the Daelyon coin should have existed, there were no Daelyonar in existence at any point. The design of the banknotes was simple and it doesn't vary much with the different denominations, being the only difference between them the colour and the respective denomination. "Cıjk" is the Archaic Sabiolycene word for "peacock"; and "Daelyon" can be translated as "feather".


The Realm of Lycem was founded on 20 December 2012. On the second day of existence of the realm, King Rhaegal entrusted the Lordship of Gold (one of the Lordships of the Regal Council, dedicated to economic affairs) with the creation of a currency for the realm. The Lordship created the Cıjk, to which the word "Golden" would be later added. The banknotes were finished on 23 December 2012, created by the Cenna himself. Although the Lordship of Gold specified there would be a subdivision to the Cıjk, the Aenk (which would later become the Daelyon); it was never actually implemented and it was ignored when the Cıjk entered the micronational market.

Soon, the neighboring Juclandian overseas territory of Sabia and Verona would also unofficially adopt the Golden Cıjk as currency; and all trades between the two regions would be made in Golden Cıjkar. The currency stopped being used and was taken out of the market when in 2014 Lycem became part of Sabia and Verona under the new federal government.


All the banknotes bore only one side and showed the same simple design.

Image Value Dimensions Main colour
1000 LCK Unknown Blue
5000 LCK Unknown Green
50000 LCK Unknown Red
100000 LCK Unknown Orange

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