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The Micronational Union of Sport and Culture, more commonly known as the MUSC, was a micronational organisation which aimed to help develop different events in the micronational world. The MUSC was founded on 7 March 2010 by Tom Turner of the Federal Republic of Rukora. It was dissolved on 2 January 2011 when it became the OAM Sports and Culture Agency.


Since it's foundation, the MUSC never created many large events. The MFA was the largest project and even that was started off as independent. In the summer, Tom Turner proposed many two events to try and get activity levels back up, none of which ever caught on. In the end, not even a forum could restore a decent amount of inactivity and was hence voted to be dissolved on 2 January 2011.


The OMC, originally the Organisation of Micronational Culture, was the food branch of the MUSC and held monthly meeting on to discuss the reaction of cuisines and other new developments.