Mac Coat

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Mac Coat
Head of State of Westsylvania
Fighter of the Freedom for His People
1st Head of State of Westsylvania
Assumed office
July 19, 2011
Predecessor None
Successor None
Personal information
Born 10 February 1997 (1997-02-10) (age 26)
Hydetown, United States
Birth name Mackenzie Coat
Citizenship Westsylvanian, American
Nationality Western-Pennsylvanian
Residence Hydetown
Religion None

 Mac Coat is the Head of State of Westsylvania.


Early life

Mac Coat had a normal life as a normal Western-Pennsylvanian kid.

Micronational Life

When Mac reached the age of 13 Mac started to pay attention to politics of the county and the country and notice some flaws. He formed the idea of a "True Democracy" and also written the "Commandments of Freedom" which states that a nation in crisis should avoid a dictator, so the nation can avoid a "Caesar Effect". Also the "Commandments of Freedom" states if the nation is trapped in the "Caesar Effect" that the people should rebel against their dictators.  So after that Mac Coat and his friends made a militia and took Meadville and claim the independence of Westsylvania. 


  • Order of the Sun