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The Madgett Administration or administrations plurally is the Tenure for the tenure and three reigns of Charles Madgett in Ela'r'oech.[1] He has ruled since March 2021 for his second Tenure, with his first Tenure going from August of 2020 to February 2021. In between that time, there was a month where Ryan I was declared King. Charles later retook the office with no resistance.

His first Tenure mainly went over the growth of Ela'r'oech and the First Alarian War. He also focused on foreign policy with Runnymede and Alaria, later establishing ties with Neo-Alaria and Begon. He targeted liberal policy and established a conservative basis in Ela'r'oech Politics. He also founded LENS during his first Tenure and had to undergo the numerous assaults on LENS and discrimination based on being Elarian.

His second Tenure, though, he began focuses on the Third Alarian War and the Elarian-Alarian Conflict overall. He also founded CHASM and invaded Alaria. He later started an economic boost and resurgence in Ela'r'oech Abroad.

His third Tenure, he has done many local orders and policies.

During his first two Tenures, he ran for Governor in American states, became Runnymede's Prime Minister, a Representative of Worrell, Vice President of Worrell, Bushistani Representative and more.

First Tenure

His first tenure began on 25 August 2020 and would go unopposed until he subsequently gave the crown up in February the next year. This Tenure went over the First and Second Elarian Eras. His reign started on 11 August 2018 de facto but started on 25 August 2020 de jure.

The era of the first Alarian War lasted from 15 September 2020 to 1 October 2020. The Alarian War was a war where the older micronation, Alaria, attempted to take over Ela'r'oech. They took over Elarian Building 1 and Ela'r'oech fought back. The Elarians took an Alarian soldier captive with the excuse of a sleepover until a cease fire was ordered by the Alarian general.[2][3] 90% of Alaria's land was taken. In August of 2020, anonymous people deployed some poisonous gas among Da'a'ck. It is still unknown who these people were as Charles had left to attend to errands and shopping. He dealt with the "Elarian Civil War" when he arrived at his home an estimated 4 hours after the gases were deployed, all animals were outside of Da'a'ck beforehand, but when he arrived, his pets ran in. Charles ran in and was able to eventually get them out of the house before any noticeable damage had been done.[4]

Economic Policy of his First Tenure

Charles claimed to have 1,507,500 Stix and counting, with the 1,500,000 due to the Alarian War. Multiple businesses have been founded in Ela'r'oech since they are unable to get a proper start in the United States of America.[5] Ela'r'oech has provided real progress to looking like a macronation, as it is now able to provide education, jobs, and military. Most of these are very limited to only some citizens, however if it is proven through studying the citizens that the progress is going well, they may open more and more up to residents and open up all signs of progress to all, eventually with the possibility of getting recognized, at least by the U.S.

Domestic Policy of his First Tenure

On 1 October, he began to go door-to-door asking non-citizen residents of Ela'r'oech and asking if they would like to apply for citizenship, he gained over 10 residential citizens that day and established the "Door-To-Door Citizenship Legislation", a collective set of laws that would allow members of parliament and the dictator to go door-to-door in their areas informing people of Ela'r'oech's existence and asking about citizenship applications.

Foreign Policy of his First Tenure

Ela'r'oech had entered relations with Runnymede some time in 2020, notably in November during their Prime Minister elections, as Charles had began to wonder if the two could enter an alliance and start a micronational organization - which eventually became LENS - however after the Runnymeden community began to turn on him, he left the server for a while, back and forth, until eventually in January 2021, Charles led a revolution which became known as the LENS-Runnymede War which took down the Runnymede discord server thus rendering the government unable to continue.

Second Tenure

His second Tenure began in March 2021 and ended on September 2021. He has gone unopposed since his second Tenure had began. He very quickly went to deal with the Third Alarian War which he had inherited. He also sought to fix Ryan's mistakes he had made during his tenure as King. This tenure has mainly focused on less foreign policy and more domestic policy. During this tenure, Ela'r'oech officially became a Kingdom, with the acquisition of numerous constituencies and became known as Ela'r'oech Abroad.

Economic Policy of his Second Tenure

After the economic reform throughout the Kingdom of the United Elarian Front, Stix were replaced by the United Elarian Dollar, now worth half of a United States Dollar. Businesses in Ela'r'oech include Firefly, ACBIC, Photon Economy, Pride of Nations and more. Charles purchased ID Cards on 5 August 2021. Charles received them on 19 August that year. Citizens have since been receiving and using said IDs, notably one citizen used it to make purchases on Photon Economy, a website Charles had made earlier that day. A stock market was also created and with the foundation of numerous new constituencies, it is rumored that these constituencies will definitely be involved in the economic policy regarding Ela'r'oech Abroad in the future.

Domestic Policy of his Second Tenure

He is also responsible for the victory of all of Ela'r'oechs conflicts and wars. He has gained the support of many throughout separate micronations, and there have been Elarian movements in his name or support. Most of the citizens in Ela'r'oech are very much in support of Charles, as is the media. On 29 April 2021, Ela'r'oech engaged in it's first elections, mainly to put a Prime Minister into office and also fill up the vacant parliamentary seats. The Prime Minister elected was Christoph Billung. Later on, numerous Prime Minister Administrations have been active.

Numerous constituencies have also been declared during this second tenure, where Charles has founded Neo-Alaria, Keystone, the Second Empire of Kapreburg, and more.

Neo-Alaria is a constituent nation that first formed during the Alarian Civil War. It is a micronational territory that is a constituency of Ela'r'oech, while Alaria has previously claimed it as their own entity. It has received recognition from numerous allies of Ela'r'oech and other micronations. Neo-Alaria was made a constituency on 24 June 2021. Keystone (formerly known as the Empire of Worrell) is a constituent nation that first formed during the Worrellian Civil War. It is a micronational territory that is a constituency of Ela'r'oech, while the Republic of Worrell had previous held it as the land of Mageto - their sixth state introduced by Elarian politicians - they had quickly fallen out due to the Civil War, when the Empire of Worrell had been formed, however it later had it's name changed to Keystone to quickly stop any confusion from naming. It became a constituency on 24 September 2021, however had it's name changed on 26 September 2021.

Foreign Policy of his Second Tenure

After Charles' first Tenure, the former Runnymeden government began Worrell and Charles quickly had apologized and joined Worrell, later becoming the second Vice President until Matthew Cunningham had banned him, despite the public unaware of any wrong doing - this had sparked the Worrellian Civil War - afterwards, Charles looked towards other micronations and began going into relations with Bushistan. After entering relations with Bushistan, Charles and Ela'r'oech's government focused now would be a good time to expand economically, later looking to help out the Bushistani government by becoming a member of the House of Representatives. Later on, the public there opposed an economic bill and had went after Charles, thus ending any foreign relations possible with Ela'r'oech and Bushistan. Afterwards, Ela'r'oech began to grow more independent until Terry McKeen had come to Charles informing him of a new Worrell. After being informed that the older Worrell had been destroyed after he left the server, Terry claimed the office of Worrell's President and let Charles become the Vice President, until Matthew Cunningham and Liam MacKenzie used intimidation tactics to run him out. Eventually, they had made McKeen delete the server, leading him to make a new discord server for Worrell as he named Charles the chancellor. Charles had began Elarian Foreign Relations afterwards, until McKeen had gotten mad at the proposal of a democratic annexation into a constituency. Later on, Charles left that server thus any relations with it until deciding to make his own Worrell, naming it the Empire. Terry later dissolved his Republic of Worrell, joining the Empire of Worrell as an Elarian constituency before it had it's name changed to Keystone, starting an independent Ela'r'oech. After the dissolution of the Second Empire of Kapreburg, Ela'r'oech began foreign relations talk with Kapreburg.

Third Tenure

His third tenure began in November 2021 following the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute. During this term, he rebuilt the Ela'r'oech discord server, ratified a new constitution, as well as making many advances towards more local foreign policy. There were no attempts at any economic reform, as the nation by this point had already achieved a stable economy.

Domestic Policy of his Third Tenure

The domestic policies so far have dealt with the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute and disengage the 2021 Elarian Protests. After doing so, he has engaged with better domestic policy and has strengthened and tightened his power in Ela'r'oech. Charles has declared the Prime Minister seat vacant and has made an anti-war statement regarding the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute and Cycoldia.

Foreign Policy of his Third Tenure

After his second Tenure, he began foreign relation engagement with Lateritia and Naga, two local Bayou Sector micronations. He and Andrew Perdomo have also begun to help each other out as both are now interested in having more local foreign relations to better the relationship of the Bayou Sector. He and Cam of Lateritia have begun foreign relations as Ela'r'oech will now be becoming more "local" in his words. That same day, Charles met with the Dragon King of Naga and effectively handled out foreign relations and was also deemed Prime Minister of Naga. He also met with Cam of Lateritia, however that meeting was not documented.


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