Madgett v. Perdomo

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Madgett v. Perdomo

Third-Party Gentlemen's Agreement System
Proceedings initiated February 26, 2023
Full case nameMadgett v. Perdomo
Presiding Judge
Bryce Smith
The court ruled in favor of Charles Madgett, ruling that he was now the holder of the Pontunian throne.
Laws applied

Madgett v. Perdomo was a court case in Ela'r'oech and Pontunia. Filed by Andrew Perdomo and Charles Madgett together, arguing for the thrones of both Pontunia and the Empire of Ela'r'oech. This case was moderated by Bryce Smith, a third party. The initial gentlemen's agreement was a bet between Perdomo and Madgett, stating that if Madgett could make a new discord server for the Kingdom of Pontunia with the server getting 100 members in five minutes, then the Pontunian throne would go to Madgett. On the other hand, if these conditions were not met, then Madgett would abdicate his throne to Ela'r'oech.


Claims from Madgett

  • Madgett upheld his part of the bet.
  • Therefore, Perdomo should relinquish his throne.
  • The throne of Pontunia would be surrendered to Madgett.

Claims from Perdomo

  • Madgett did not uphold his part of the bet.
  • Madgett and Co. faked screenshots proving that the requirement was met.
  • The throne of Ela'r'oech should be abdicated by Madgett.


It was officially determined by Judge Smith that the agreement was official made on 2:38, with the clock stopping at 2:43. Screenshots proving that the member count was above 100 at and before 2:43 were shown and could not be disproven. Therefore, the court ruled in favor of Madgett.