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The Main Page—also spelled in lowercase—is the home page of online micronational encyclopaedia and wiki MicroWiki.


The main page consists of ten boxes each labelled by their category of content. 'Welcome to MicroWiki' opens with a navigational bar of policies and guidelines of MicroWiki atop an overview of the wiki and some of its statistics; below are three stylised boxes that link to MicroWiki's official Patreon, Discord server and Twitter account. 'MicroWiki in other languages' horizontally lists the different language-editions of the wiki in alphabetical order. Below this section is the vertically bisected 'Featured article'—the good article which receives the most votes by editors to be displayed on the main page—to the left, and 'Current headlines'—a news portal listing ten external links to news articles from administrator-approved micronational news publications—to the right. Below the featured article is 'Featured image,' an image which is voted on by editors to be displayed on the main page. Below this is 'This month in history,' a neglected section which lists notable micronational events which commenced in said month. A portion of this section bisects 'Current headlines,' then it bisects 'More news' and 'Analysis and opinions'—the former contains external news links to any publication, and the latter contains external links to opinions pieces. The final two, bisecting sections, are 'Did You Know…' and 'Entertainment'. The former consists of a vertical list of editor-nominated micronational facts beginning with "[Did you know] …that [fact]?," while the latter consists of external links to micronational entertainment media.