March 2016 Children's Group vice-presidential election

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March 2016 Children's Group vice-presidential election

← 2015 21 March 2016 May 2016 →
Candidate Bishnu Chetry Arnab Sil Mridul Amin
Party Independent Independent Independent
Electoral vote 4 3 1
Percentage 50% 37.5% 12.5%

Vice-President before election

Bishnu Chetry

Elected Vice-President

Bishnu Chetry

A vice-presidential election was held in Children's Group on 21 March 2016 with the votes polled and counted and results being declared on the same date. The election was preponed by three months after sitting vice-president Bishnu Chetry sought a second term in office in December 2015. The prime minister Sarala Baishya was the returning officer appointed by the election commission.

The presidential election was also held along with the vice-presidential election.


The presidential election of March 2016 was held only three months after the 2015 election in which sitting vice-president Bishnu Chetry was declared unopposed elect for a second term.

The vice-presidential election, along with the presidential election, was held indirectly by the members of the executive council comprising of the top senior-most leaders of the nation - Dhrubajyoti Roy, Tanishkaa Patranabish, Sarala Baishya, and Anoushkaa Patranabish. Each member's vote has the value of two votes with the total votes being eight. In order to win, a candidate is required to receive five votes.


The election took place on 21 March 2016 and the votes were counted and the results were announced on the same day. Prime Minister Sarala Baishya was the returning officer in the election.


Three candidates had contested the presidential election.

Portrait Candidate Positions held Party
Bishnu Chetry
(born 2001)
Vice-President (since October 2015) Independent
Arnab Sil
(born 2004)
Minister of Child Welfare
(since December 2015)
Mridul Amin
(born 2003)
Minister of Finance
(since December 2015)
Minister of State (Independent Charge), Parliamentary Affairs
(Jul-Dec 2015)

Incumbent vice-president Bishnu Chetry decided to seek a third term in office becoming the first and till date the only vice-president to do so. His candidacy was challenged by two other candidates, both of whom were serving cabinet ministers. Child Welfare minister Arnab Sil announced his candidacy and so did finance minister Mridul Amin.


Results of March 2016 Children's Group vice-presidential election
Candidate Party Electoral
College votes
Bishnu Chetry Independent 4 50
Arnab Sil Independent 3 37.5
Mridul Amin Independent 1 12.5

Vice-president Bishnu Chetry was able to secure his position winning 4 of the 8 polled votes (50%), while the two other candidates Arnab Sil and Mridul Amin received 3 and 1 votes respectively in the electoral college.

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