Marienka Pprit

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Her Gloriousness Mariekna Pprit
1st Chairman of A1
Assumed office:
January 8, 2008
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: Rob Gribbon
Minister of Education
Assumed office:
January 8, 2008
Preceded by: Position Established
Succeeded by: -
Personal information
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality A1

Marienka Pprit is the first Chairman of A1, having led the 'Great Pprit Revolution' and giving A1 independence.


Marienka Pprit led A1 to declared independence on January 1 2008 and as a result, assumed the position of Chairman of A1 on January 8.

She then led its citizens to form an effective government and establish some sort of authority over the claimed land. She also gave weight behind then Deputy Chairman, Rob Gribbon's idea of a pure representative parliament-like political entity to form the legislative branch of the new government; the A1 People's Congress, which is unique in the world today.

At a point, in August 2008, there was mild dissent from the lower ministries of the government, which Marienka Pprit dealt with well, with assistance from the Deputy Chairman.

Enforced absence

In February 2009, Marienka Pprit unexpectedly and suddenly departed from A1. To this day, no explanation has been given nor contact made. It was as a result of this that Llenroc was given the position of Acting Chairman until her return.

It had also been pointed out that this absence was probably the factor which prevented her from keeping control and the faith of the A1 People's Party, of which the leadership was eventually taken over by Rob Gribbon, leading the party to an emphatic victory at the August 2009 A1 General Elections.