Maximilian Brunner

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Maximilian Brunner (ger)
윤대성 (g. K. n.) (kor)
孫军来 (g. C. n.) (chn)
世界 和希 (g. J. n.) (jap)
خليل فهيم (g. A. n.) (ara)

Born 19 January 1999

Citizenship Linitian Democratic People's Republic
 Republic of Austria
 Austro-Hungarian Federation (former)

Religious beliefs Agnosticism

Politcal views Maoist-Third-Worldist

Political Party Linitian Workers' Party
Workers' Party of Austria
Austro-Hungarian Workers' Party (former)

Military Service
Allegiance LDPR
People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka

Service/Branch People's Aerial Force
People's Gendarmerie
Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops (PAC)

Unit 1st Reconnaissance Wing "Wind/Воздух"
47th Wing "Morgenrot/Заря"

Rank Marshal (CO-1)
Director of the NDS

In service 2013–present

Maximilian Brunner is an Austro-Linitian politician. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Worker's Party of the People's Republic of Linian and visits the Higher Technical Institute HTBLA Braunau. He was appointed ambassador to Austria of Austenasia on 11 July 2014, as well as ambassador to the DPRK on 10 January 2015.

Political views