Maximilian Greig

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Maximilian Greig
Official Portrait, 2023
King of Nissequogue
Assumed office
21 December 2022
Kaiser Jason I
Predecessor Throne estblished
Member of the General Assembly
Assumed office
2 April 2023
Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II
Prime Minister Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia
Predecessor Patrick Kenny
Voting Seat Nonary (8.33%)
Personal information
Born 2009 (age 13–14)
Nationality Cycoldian American
Political party Monarchist Party
Religion Roman Catholic

Maximilian Greig is a Cycoldian and intermicronational politician who currently serves as a member of the General Assembly.[1] He was elected by the March 2023 general election, in which he was selected for the Nonary Seat.[2]


Greig founded his first micronation in 2017, having named it the "Pirate Kingdom of Suffolk", before abandoning the project later. He then returned to micronationalism in 2020 by creating Youai, which was as well later abandoned before his return with founding Smithtown, which was later renamed to the Whispeburg. Whispeburg later though was as well abandoned, though Greig proceeded to establish the Kingdom of the Nissequogue on 21 December 2022. Nissequogue later was absorbed into the TDC Empire as a constituent state of it on 20 March 2023.

In Cycoldia Greig is a long time member of the Monarchist Party, eventually running under the party for the first time in the March 2023 general election. He received the endorsement of Christina I & II during the election, and was elected to the Nonary Seat with first choice votes of 8.33%.

Standards and arms

Coat of arms of Maximilian Greig
4 April 2023
Argent, an imperial eagle displayed Or in chief Gules between two cross bottony Or a lemniscate Argent


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