May Collins

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May Collins
4th Vice President of Ballinfoyleburg
Assumed office
26 July 2022{
PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byThomas Jacobs
1st Federal Minister of Finance
In office
7 January 2022 – 30 December 2022
PresidentSean Mulryan
Ludwig Collins
Thomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
ChancellorLudwig Collins
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byDžözyp Trick
Senator of Roscamistan
In office
18 April 2022 – 10 July 2022
PresidentAdam Flannery
Thomas Jacobs
Preceded bySeat established
Vice Chairwoman of Fatherland Front
Assumed office
16 April 2022
PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byoffice established
Member of the Provisional Ruling Council
In office
30 May 2022 – 1 June 2022
Preceded byCouncil established
Succeeded byCouncil abolished
1st Vice Chancellor of Ballinfoyleburg
In office
17 April 2022 – 30 May 2022
PresidentThomas Jacobs
ChancellorLudwig Collins
Preceded byoffice established
Succeeded byoffice abolished
2nd Governor of Ballindooley
In office
20 June 2022 – 13 July 2022
Preceded byNicky Collins
Succeeded byThomas Jacobs (as Provisional Administrator)
4th Minister of Internet Affairs
In office
19 June 2022 – 13 October 2022
PresidentThomas Jacobs
Preceded bySean Mulryan
Succeeded byOffice abolished
2nd Lieutenant Governor of Galway City
In office
20 July 2022 – 9 March 2023
GovernorLudwig Collins
Devin Purcell
Preceded byMarco Hasse
Succeeded byChris de Constantin
Administrator of the Heidelberg Colony
Assumed office
13 June 2022
PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byOffice established
Reichskommissar of Ballinfoylish Dilu
In office
22 September 2022 – 16 February 2023
PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byOffice established (Thomas Jacobs as Protector of Jacobs Dilu)
Federal Minister of Culture
Assumed office
30 December 2022
PresidentLudwig Collins
Preceded byDarragh Fitzpatrick
Personal details
May Collins

2010 (age 12–13)
Citizenship Ireland
Political partyFatherland Front (Ballinfoyleburg)
Other political
Republican Bloc (Roscamistan) (2022)
Motherland Front (2022-2023)
RelativesLudwig Collins (brother)
Nanro Collins (cousin)
ResidencesNeu Königsberg, Ballinfoyleburg
NicknameCaptain May
Military service
Allegiance Ballinfoyleburg
Branch/service Wehrmacht
Years of service2022 - present
UnitBlueshirt volunteers
Colonial Battalion
Second Infantry Battalion

May Collins (Born May Sarah Collins, 2010) is an Irish micronationalist involved in Ballinfoyleburg. She joined micronationalism in January 2022 when she was appointed Finance Minister of Ballinfoyleburg by President Ivan Ryan on the advice of his Vice President, Ludwig Collins, since then serving in multiple positions in the Republic and later Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. In Roscamistan she is a criminal.

She currently serves in Ballinfoyleburg in multiple administrative, executive, legislative and military roles.

Micronational career


Collins would be introduced to micronationalism in January 2022 by her brother, Ludwig Collins. She became the first and current Finance Minister of Ballinfoyleburg by appointment of President Ivan Ryan. She played a small minor role until she was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Republic by President Thomas Jacobs on recommendation of Chancellor Ludwig Collins in April 2022.

After a small private committee made up of the East Galway 3 in late May 2022 decided to disestablish the Republic for a federal Commonwealth, Collins would be one of the members of the National Assembly who voted in favour of the Transition to the Commonwealth Act, which established the Provisional Ruling Council. She would become a member of the Council, which from 30 May to 1 June 2022, built up the Federal Assembly and the states. After the abolition of the Council, her position of Vice-Chancellor was abolished when the presidential system returned.

On 26 July 2022, Collins was appointed Vice President of the Commonwealth after Thomas Jacobs retired as the Vice President, in favour of his duties as Chief Justice.


Collins would enter Roscamistan in January 2022, and was a low profile citizen for three months until April 2022, when she was appointed a Senator by Adam Flannery. She would later be appointed a Minister in the cabinet by President Thomas Jacobs. In July 2022 she was appointed Local Government Secretary, Lieutenant Governor of Galway City, and was not re-elected as a Senator in the Second Senate.



I don't do anything I just play minecraft

— May Collins