Medal of Atieran Independence

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Medal of Atieran Independence
Awarded by the
Liam Alexander - Order of Atiera (Sovereign).png
King of Atiera
Established30 May 2021
CountryKingdom of Atiera
Awarded forContributions to the independence and development of Atiera
StatusStill awarded
SovereignAlexander I
GradesSovereign (SAI)
Recipient (RAI)
First induction30 May 2021
Last induction30 May 2022
Next (higher)Order of the Noble Star
Next (lower)None (Lowest)

The Medal of Atieran Independence is a single-grade honour within the Second Empire of Atiera, awarded for the contributions to the independence and development of Atiera. It was established on 30 May 2021 on Atieran independence day by the King, Alexander I. It is awarded twice annually, first on independence day (30 May) and on Monarchy day (10 August).

Grades and insignia

The Medal of Atieran Independence only has 2 grades, one of which can be conferred, the other appointed to succeed the sovereign. The grades are:

  • Sovereign
  • Recipient
Medal of Atieran Independence.svg
Medal of Independence - Ribbon.png
Medal of Atieran Independence Ribbon of the decoration


As of 30 May 2021, there are 8 recipients of the Medal of Atieran Independence.

Name Date inducted Reason Monarch
Michael Shepard 30 May 2021 Part of 2021 independence day honours Alexander I
Daniel Hamilton
Jayden Dagsa
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Isaiah David
Evan Paul
Tucker Gladden
Cameron Cezar
James Bornstein