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Federal Republic Democratic of Melwang
Flag of Melwang
State Flag
Motto: Heaven of your choices & believe.
File:Map of Melwang
StatusCompany League
CapitalCiti De Capita
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Hindi, Nepali & others South Asian Languages
GovernmentConstituency Director of State with authoritarian tendencies
Hames Jenthonx
Birendra Vohra
LegislatureCabin of Paraclub
• Estimate
CurrencyIndian Rupee, United States Dollar and Euro (INR,USD,EURO)

The Federal Republic Democratic of Melwang, is a e-global micronation which headquarter is located within the Western Parts of Nepal .

The Melwang is not physically definite geographic territory, it is a union of companions, fellowshipers or groups of its as globally. So, It has been forming and regulating by virtual method.

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