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The Pentarchy was a group of five individuals who collectively served as the Head of State of the Grand Duchy of Australis. Established upon the foundation of Australis on 8 April 2020, it was intended to remove too much power being given to one individual, requiring a majority vote to make a decision regarding Australis.

One month after its creation, the Pentarchy began to suffer from severe inactivity, with Daniel Hamilton making the vast majority of contributions. As a result of this, Hamilton proposed a vote on 28 May 2020 to dissolve the Pentarchy and establish himself as the first Grand Duke of Australis, which passed unanimously.

Pentarchy members

Although there were only five members of the Pentarchy, seven people held membership throughout its existence, as a result of two members leaving the Pentarchy.

Original members of the Australissian Pentarchy
Name State
Daniel Hamilton Amicitia
A.M. Integritas
C.A. Aequalitatem
R.F. Felicitatem
A.W. Beatitudinem


Although the Pentarchy no longer exists in Australis, certain symbols of its existence can still be found, most notably in the nations flag. The central five pointed star of the flag represents the five original members of the Pentarchy, with the five outer stars representing the five original states.