Messia Moresby

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Messia Moresby
President of Dadaist Republic of Vicenza
13 July 2019- currently office:
20 May 1975 (1975-05-20) (age 48)
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born Kampala, Uganda
DAWAE.png But Citizen of Dadaist Republic of Vicenza
Religion Dawaeism

Messia Moresby is the president of Dadaist Republic of Vicenza and he was the First Commander of Labronic People's Army. Messia Moresby also knows Da wae of the devil.


Messia Moresby is the alter ego of Pietro Missiaggia. On this virtual version he's born in Kampala, in Uganda, on 20 May 1975, from a family of Supporters of Idi Amin, and in 1979, on the end of Idi Amin Dada's regime, their family goes in North Korea. Messia Moresby became a soldier of Korean People's Army on 25 January 1995 and he prested service to North Korea for four years. Messia Moresby on 1999 finish his service to North Korean Army and he's going in w:Italy to partecipate at political pary Rifondazione Comunista. The 5 March 2000, Ugandan former president Idi Amin Dada invites Messia Moresby in Saudi Arabia, and Messia Moresby receives the Medal of Bwallah. From that day he started to search The Way, and he became a Dawaeist. On 30 March 2003, Messia Moresby became citizen of Socialist Republic of San Valerio, and he prested service to the Army of Revolutionary Committee of Workers. On this year he knows Matteo Capitanonemo, and initially it's starting a friendship for theese people. In 2005 he founds The Way, but Matteo Capitanonemo defines Messia Moresby as a "red tick" and it's finish the friendship with Capitanonemo. In 2009 Messia abbandoned San Valerio and he thought of becoming for 4 days a vitlan,but Messia abbandoned this, and he return in Italy for supporting political party Partito dei CARC: Comitati di Appoggio alla Resistenza - per il Comunismo. In 2012, Messia Moresby evokes Idi Amin Dada's Ghost, and with him, Messia Moresby formed the Da Wae's Army, also know as Messia Moresby's friends. Messia Moresby becames a LPRoR's citizen on the year 2018 and he becames officially the First Commander of LPA. On the future he losts the citizenship of Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano and he becames (the 13th July 2018) the ]]Dadaist Republic of Vicenza]]

Awards and Honors