Metropolitan Paloma

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Metropolitan Paloma (Excluding Taylor, Morovis, Cataño, Campo de Titán, Ponce and Portila)

Metropolitan Paloma (Spanish: Paloma Metropolitano or El Metro), also known as Main Paloma, is the area of the Free Socialist State of Paloma which is geographically in Midwest of North America. It comprises mainland Paloma and Portila, as well as other small islands in the Great Lakes.

Overseas Paloma is the collective name for the part of Paloma outside the Midwest of North America. Since June 2020 the constitutional term for it is "overseas region of Paloma".

The overseas territory — Califia — don't the same political status as Metropolitan Paloma. Overseas Paloman territories have representation in the Supreme Paloman but cannot vote in session at all however they can propose.


The term "metropolitan Paloma" was first coined in April 2020 by President Aidan McGrath when talking about Paloma and its provinces. The term was legalized when the Political Divisions act of 2020 was passed on 29 June 2020. It officially made it legal to refer to mainland and other territories as Metropolitan or Overseas.