Michael I of Lutherania

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Michael the First, King of Lutherania
Name Michael Peter Alexander Nicholas Albert
Micronation(s) Ruled Kingdom of Lutherania
Reign 15/09/2006-
Coronation TBA
Other Titles/Styles See ‘Titles’
Personal information
Born 20/09/1990
Birthplace Liverpool, U.K
Nationality Caucasian, English
Royal Information
Predecessor Throne Created
Successor None
Heir Presumative HRH the Princess Elsie-Marie Taylor
Consort HRH Prince James
Spouse none
Issue none
Royal House O’neill-Jones
Dynasty O’neill-Jones
Royal Anthem House of no regrets
Royal Motto Through efforts to the stars

His Majesty the King

His Majesty is head of state of two nations, the Kingdom of Lutherania and the Grand Duchy of Mull, who are in personal union with each other. His Majesty was born at 10:10pm on the 20th September at Whiston Hospital in the United Kingdom in 1990. King Michael became Monarch at the age of 16 in 2006 an has reigned for over 10 years to date.His Majesty had a conservative up bringing and went to a state school in the halewood area of liverpool.After two years at college His Majesty devoted himself to the help of others taking up a job at Bupa whilst taking on his duties as Monarch.


The Reign of His Majesty began on the day of Independence in 2006, and has reigned over the nation since. There has been challanges to His Majesty's Reign in the past but these challages came from the upper classes of the nation. His Majesty is a popular Monarch among the people of the Nation.In the past His Majesty has personally rallied for a constitution, which was granted and still continues to support the process of constitutionalizing the government of the nation. During the reign His Majesty has taken part in charity events and every year encourages the Imperial Family to spend january visiting local charities and also donating to charities. In 2009 His Majesty held a garden party at the Winter Palace for three charities, MND, Breast cancer and women's aid and refuge to great success.

Accession Day (10th September)

Accession day is celebrated on the 10th of September 5 days before Independence day so as to provide another National Holiday and celebration separate from Independence day.On Accesion day a meal is held in the Winter Palace and a Speech given by His Majesty.


On the 12th August 2016 at Leasowe castle in the United Kingdom HI&RH King Michael I married Mr James Jones followed by a blessing in the Church of Lutheran. Mr James Jones upon marriage to the King was granted by letters patent the Title and Style "His Royal Highness Prince James Prince Consort, Duke of Hale" becoming a prince of the realm.


Aside from his official religious role as Supreme Governor of the established Church of Lutherania, the King will add a personal note about his faith to his annual Royal Christmas Message broadcast to the Nation.The King also demonstrates support for inter-faith relations, often meeting with members of other religions, and granting his personal support to all faiths

Royal Tours and state visits

His Majesty performs Royal tours every year around the kingdom of Lutherania visiting the Grand duchy and crown dependencies.No state visits to other micronations have yet taken place to date. UPCOMING ROYAL TOURS:

  • Royal Visit to the Grand Duchy of Mull took place on the 11th May 2015 for one week with HI&RH the King and Prince Consort Presumptive they Visited the Grand duchy and other territories over the week and held social events whilst in the second half of our Glorious Kingdom.
  • Royal tour of Portugal Spain and Gibraltar October 2016: HI&RH King Michael I,Prince Consort James
  • Royal tour of Norway: July 2018 HI&RH King Michael I, Prince Consort James
  • Royal tour of Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Denmark. July 2020

Titles,Styles,Honors and Arms

*Titles and Styles

Upon Michael's accession to the throne, his style and title in full was: His Imperial & Royal Highness King Michael Peter Alexander Nicholas Albert the first, by the grace of god,of the Kingdom of Lutherania, Supreme Governor of the church of Lutherania,Grand Duke of Mull, King of the Crown Dependencies of Iona and Ulva, and other territories across the sea. High Lord Admiral
Commander in Chief of the armed forces
Sovereign: Most Noble order of the Panda (KP) (Knight of the Panda)
Sovereign:Most Ancient and Most Noble order of the Rosemary (KR) (Knight of the Rosemary)
Sovereign: Most Distinguished Order of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (SC) (Sir of St Catherine)

Coat of Arms of the Monarch of Lutherania


The Imperial Family have Four Palaces at their disposal.

  • The Winter Palace is located in Lutherania city and is the second residence of the Monarch. It is from the Winter palace that the Imperial Family usually spend christmas and the christmas address is done from the winter palace.
  • The Grand Duchal Palace is were the Court goes in the late spring for 1–2 weeks and is located in the Grand Duchy of Mull. While at the Grand Duchal Palace His Majesty uses his time there to visit the parts of Lutherania he can't during the rest of the year including the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territory.
  • The Summer Palace is the palace His Majesty and the Prince Consort moved into as a married couple. The Palace is now the official residence of the Monarchy and as yet remains unnamed. Annual garden parties are hosted in the New Palace as well as the day to day business of the Monarchy.
  • Halewood Palace is the home presently of the parents of the Prince Consort.