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Micras, historically known by other names including Micron and The Microworld, is a fictional planet created by the self-described "micronationalists" of the interactive geofiction movement. Historically, a number of the geofictional nations claiming land on Micras were connected to the MicroWiki community, and some smaller nations on the periphery of the MicroWiki sector continue to maintain "land claims" on Micras. According to the Micronational Cartography Society, the group responsible for determining the geography of the fictional planet, Micras is a terrestrial planet similar to the Earth in orbit around a star called Atos. Micras has seven continents: Cibola, Benacia, Tapfer, Apollonia, Keltia, Eura and Corum, which together make up roughly 40% of the planet's surface area.

The planet Micras


In 2002, the Micronational Cartography Society held a poll to determine which name it would use for the planet; this was widely seen as determining the planet's "official name".

Micron was there, but Fnord was also there as a joke choice. However, this joke choice soon became popular. Harvey Steffke told Scott Alexander, then head of the MCS, that if the world was named Fnord than he would have truely failed, everything he and the Flying Islands of Jasonia stood for was dead. He planned on writing a story on how the islands were blasting into space forever and trying to get them removed from the map entirely. The next day, the new name was announced: Micras.


Planet Micras has 7 continents. These continents are: