Micro-Republic of Kayenay

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The Micro-Republic of Kayenay was a nation located in Calgary, AB, founded on November 20, 2017 as The Micropiece of Kayenay, and dissolving on July 19, 2018, to merge into the short-lived Aedrian Empire.

Micro-Republic of Kayenay
Motto: Honor the Great White Star
CapitalFort KNA
• Census



The roots of Kayenay can be traced to October 2017, with Fort KNA, a very small, basic structure that contained the basic roots. it had no real government, and thus it was not a micronation. a lot of old documents are lost from this period.

Formation of Kayenay

On November 19, 2017, Development on Kayenay was started. a basic igovernmental infrastructure, flag, and coat of arms were created, along with a Declaration of Independence, which stated that on the 20th of November of that same year, the Kayenay System would be initiated and the area covering Fort KNA would be ceded to the Government of Kayenay, thus beginning the country.

On November 27, 2017, an unnamed micronation was formed as another micronation, being allies with Kayenay and forming the most basic economy and military at a resource base in the micronation. These two micronations ended up being tied together deeply.

At this point, Kayenay had no real constitution, set aside as later work. although, it was becoming an issue, as the first democratic vote was in the works. So, on December 5, 2017, a law was passed, creating the constitution of Kayenay.

First Democratic Election, and surrounding controversies

The First election was held around mid-December 2017.

As Kayenay's Government was mainly empty, The first election was held online for anyone to vote in, although no signs of election fraud were found. Kayenay had a very broken democratic system, which remained with the Second Republic.

2017 Kayenay Prime Minister Election

Three parties were registered, made by people who were not citizens, and had their own micronations. First was the Capitalist party (registered on the 6th of December), ran by the leader of the now-inactive Pynchester. the second one was the Befshirian Central Party, made by the leader of the now-inactive Kingdom of Befshire. The third party was the Conservative Party, led by an individual whose micronation name has been retracted out of cancelling all forms of association with the individual. The election took 2 weeks. The final results were a tie between the Capitalist Party and Conservative Party. The Supreme Minister chose the Conservative party, which began a controversy with the Capitalist Party. The Party's decisions did nothing to stop it, however, and Kayenay continued on. on January 19, 2021, the Kayenayan Interim Government made a statement apologizing for the decision made, years after the PM resigned.

The election of the Prime Minister lead to political ties with the PM's own micronation, until later on, when the PM quit office and Kayenay withdrawing ties.

Continued development of Infrastructure, controversies with other nations

from December 2017 to July 2018, Kayenay began an infrastructure development plan.

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Inactivity (March–July 2018)

Kayenay-Diamond Transitional Republic

The Protectorate, Dissolution, and the Aedrian Empire

in Early July 2018, a military alliance was created between the nations of Kayenay-Diamond, Dodskurvan, and Rebec, named the Fort KNA-York-Oberon Pact, named after the nation's three capitals at that time. This alliance was renamed to The Protectorate once they allowed more nations to join the nation. on July 18, 2018, talks of unifying began. Kayenay's M-President went against the idea of a unification, the other two in support of it, also suggesting a democratic confederation in case unification happened. Eventually, an absolute monarchy was created, named the Aedrian Empire. Kayenay became a state of Aedria named "The Aedrian State of the Diamond", signifying the end of the transition. the State's capital was moved from Fort KNA to Powergarden (Later Renamed to Kirschdorf), and a new flag was made.

Arguments arose between the three members, with the now-leader of the State of The Diamond arguing that the Diamond had little representation whatsoever, which lead to the Empire being dissolved under the order of the Emperor on July 31, 2018.

Kayenay Reformed itself as the Second Republic of Kayenay, Returning the old Constitution (along with adding some revisions), this time changing the flag to something unique, with a new color scheme.