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Indonesian micronations shock

Royal Court of the Keraton Agung Sejagat, deserted after the arrest of the founders of the Keraton

The Indonesian micronations shock (Indonesian: Geger negara mikro) refers to the sudden popular interest and media frenzy to several communities with micronation-like characteristics exposed to the public in early January 2020, followed by harsh response from Indonesian authorities who arrested several founders of the communities that went viral. The shock began on 10 January 2020, when the existence of Keraton Agung Sejagat (Great Palace of the Universe) went viral among the Indonesian public after videos and photos of its grandiose royal parade circulated on Indonesian social media. Another community, Sunda Empire, was known later to the public on 15 January, after series of videos of its activities (most notably its "military" defiles) were exposed. (more...)