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The good article featured on the Main Page. See MicroWiki:Good articles/Featured/Summaries for more information.

History of MicroWiki (website)

Main Page in 2012

MicroWiki initially began on 27 May 2005 as a website hosted on the Wikicities (later Wikia and now Fandom) wiki hosting service, after being created by Fabian Maximilian Schneider for personal use. Initially available only in English, other language editions of MicroWiki would be launched between 2006 to 2012. MicroWiki became independent from Wikia on 7 November 2010, originally as Petya d'Égtavie managed the wiki since becoming independent from Wikia, before selling ownership of the wiki to Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia on 13 May 2014. Karl Friedrich became a co-owner of MicroWiki alongside Jonathan I on 14 February 2022. In 2004, Fabian Schneider founded the Sovereign Principality of Seraya alongside classmates Richard Conklin and Matthew McQuade. Seraya eventually proved successful, and sparked the creation of several other micronations in the nearby area. Schneider wanted to be able to easily record information on Seraya and other nations, and so he founded MicroWiki on 27 May 2005 upon registering the domain