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Protection of a page is a type of action taken by an administrator that prevents certain or all user groups from editing or creating a specified page. This is usually done in response to vandalism or a threat of vandalism, or in some instances of high traffic pages and templates. Protection is usually done at the discretion of an individual administrator. Users may request protection of their pages by contacting individual administrators. Proposed changes to any protected page should be requested on the talk page of the affected page, and admins should ideally be notified.

Types of protection

The following technical options are available to administrators for protecting different actions to pages:

  • Edit protection protects the page from being edited.
  • Move protection protects the page from being moved or renamed.
  • Creation protection prevents a page (normally a previously deleted one) from being created.
  • Upload protection prevents new versions of a file from being uploaded, but it does not prevent editing to the file's description page (unless edit protection is applied).