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On MicroWiki, individuals may choose to use a pseudonym as opposed to their birth or macronational name for a number of reasons; this could be for fun, privacy, safeguarding or for personal reasons. As such, it is strict policy to use someone's preferred pseudonym (and pronouns) on articles and other pages, such as sandboxes or talk pages. If an individual wishes for the removal of their real name from articles, they may replace it with a pseudonym. Individuals wishing for this may notify an administrator to help speed up the process. In extreme cases, some articles may need to have names altered or redacted all together; this is also allowed within MicroWiki policy. MicroWiki will also not link to external links, such as citations or references, which use an individual's real name. In extreme cases where a subject's name must be removed entirely with no pseudonym available or not used for archival purposes, editors may utilise Template:Redacted.