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Microcredits is the currency of the Alliance of the Micronations. It is used by AOTM economic group members, following a vote by member states if AOTM’s new economic group should have a new Intermicronational currency. The currency is currently adopted by some members of AOTM as well the Kingdom of Salanda as it established the Microcredits program.

Current Status

Currently, the Microcredits are becoming popular in the Kingdom of Salanda. Their popularity has rivalled it among Salandarians as near to par with the Salanda Coins, the currency of the Kingdom of Salanda. The system has been beneficial for Salandarians as it is nearing the end of its testing stage and once used by many members will be beneficial since all members of the AEG, AOTM's economic group, who want to participate can use it to trade with each other, and that it will be a universal currency that AOTM has to offer. On 18 November 2021, Republica Yara introduced the first Microcredit notes in denomination of 5 microcredits. The old currency, Yaran Peso, could be exchanged until 31 December 2021, when it was completely demonetized.


It is hoped that the testing done will show other Micronations the benefit of using AOTM’s optional currency and use it along with their national currency so that all members of AOTM can have a universal currency. In the Kingdom of Salanda, bank analysts are trying to make the currency as stable as possible to ensure that it has a proper pegged value and has a significant trade value which is hoped to convince other nations of the potential this currency has.