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The Micronational Assistance Office is an assistance office established by the Federated Republics of A1 in order to "provide practical assistance and support to fledging and newer micronations".


The MAO is headed by the Director, who has yet to be appointed. As of October 2009, there are no planned positions in the office, with assistance coming directly from the A1 Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration and the A1 Office of the Chairman.

Types of assistance offered

The types of assistance are split into the categories of 'practical' and 'general support'.


  • Provision of temporary government ministers/public servants who may serve the functions of 'filling gaps' in ministries and public services
  • Information Technology support
    • Creation of websites
    • Creation of other online services
    • Maintenance of websites
    • Maintenance of other online services
    • Any other reasonable I.T request from the government in question

General Supporting

  • Appointment of a special advisor to the government in question to:
    • Advise on foreign relations matters
    • Advise on internal matters
    • Any other reasonable administrative request from the government in question
  • Any reasonable assistance and/or advice required in the process of the establishment of a micronation

List of micronations assisted

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