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Micronational Dictionary is an historical dictionary of micronational jargon published on 18 October 2022 by MicroLunarius Publications, the publishing house of the Institute of Micropatriological Research (IMR). Written by micropatriologist Zabëlle Skye, the entries include a pronunciation guide and etymologies. Consisting of 161 entries, Micronational Dictionary elevated a number of newly-coined words into neologisms, including indigenous nation, supersector and micronationalist Twitter, alongside presenting several protologisms coined by Skye, such as micronation nullius, sector isolate and sectorology. It was Skye's first work to be published as a paperback.


Zabëlle Skye, while working at his erstwhile company Statistic-Fire, conceived the idea for a dictionary of micronational jargon around late March 2019. After presenting his idea to MicroWiki@Discord in early April, Karl Friedrich stated that he could host a micronational dictionary as a subdomain of MicroWiki. Skye opted to abandon their dictionary in favour of this project instead, believing it would be more easily accessible on an already established website. On 7 April, MicroWikiDictionary was created. However, additions of new entries were slow; by 17 May, it had only ten articles. By 10 May 2020, that number had risen to 43 entries, by which point MicroWikiDictionary was largely considered a failure. The domain became inaccessible in early 2022.

In July 2022, while researching the early history of micronationalism on the Internet, Skye discovered Peter Ravn Rasmussen's webpage A glossary of micronational terms. This motivated Skye to restart work on a micronational dictionary, and he began collecting entries on 22 July. On 6 September, Skye launched Microtionary as a project of the IMR. They began writing a dictionary on 15 October, which was eventually published on 18 October as the Micronational Dictionary.

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