Micronational endorsements for 2019 United Kingdom general election

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This is a list of micronationalists who have publicly indicated their support for the party and its leader in the 2019 United Kingdom general election.

Brexit Party

Leader: Nigel Farage


Leader: Boris Johnson

Democratic Unionist Party

Leader: Arlene Foster

Green Party

Leaders: Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry


Leader: Jeremy Corbyn

Liberal Democrats

Leader: Jo Swinson

Plaid Cymru

Leader: Adam Price

Scottish National Party

Leader: Nicola Sturgeon

Sinn Féin

Leader: Mary Lou McDonald


Leader: Vacant

Scottish Green Party

Leader: Patrick Harvie

  • Adam Johnston, Prime Minister of Elysium (co-endorsement with SNP)

Other Political Parties

Alliance Party

Leader: Naomi Long

Change UK

Leader: Anna Soubry

Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Leader: David Sutch