Micronational reactions to the 2020 Belarusian Protests

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Micronational opinions
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Support for the opposition

  •  Empire of Centralia,  Nova Tromsø - Centralia and later Nova Tromsø pledges support to the Belarusian citizens and the protesters, 20 August
  •  Wendatia - President Jonas Ryhmer announced Wendatia's recognition of the Coordination Council on the 4th of October.
  •  Republic of Veyshnoria - Regular public speeches in support of protesters
  •  Georgienstine - President Raphaël Olivier announced his support for the protesters and urged Alexander Lukashenko to resign, call free elections and release political prisoners.
  •  Plushunia - Plushunia declares official support for the protesters and for Svetlana Tihanovskaya, officially stating that "Plushunia recognises Svetlana Tihanovskaya as the legitimate President of Belarus and condemns the violent and dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko" on 20 August.
  • Second American Empire - The emperor Francis I supports the protests in Belarus. He stated, "Lukashenko will be the last dictator of Europe, the people are tired of him and he needs to be ousted." He fully supports Svetlana Tihanovskaya. The Chancellor said that the people need to get rid of the dictator who runs Belarus.
  •  Suverska - expressed support for the opposition.
  •  Empire of Pavlov released a satirical propaganda poster that "supports" Lukashenko "in his struggle against democracy and human rights in Belarus" 1
  •  Pinang - doesn't recognise Lukashenko as president and the prime minister Esty expressed several times in support of the belarusian opposition.
  • Republic of Krussia - The President and the Prime Minister, Aidyn Bratt called on the government of Belarus to recall elections, he also said that every nation who has a democratic system should have free and fair elections.
  •  Principality of Caudonia - Prince William I has expressed support for the opposition.
  • Ecologist Republic of Bartonia – The Government of Bartonia supports the fight for freedom and democracy of the people.
  • Midthenian Republic supports the opposition.
  •  Grand Republic of Cycoldia - Does not recognise Lukashenko as President of Belarus, and instead recognises the Belarusian Democratic Republic.[1]
  • Swena (though not on behalf of Theodia)

Support for the Government


  •  Principality of New Lubenia - The Principality on 12 August 2020 called on the international community to convene a world forum to develop an official position [1], on 28 September 2020 recognized Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as legitimate Acting President with a commitment to hold new democratic elections [2], but on 25 May 2021, due to the protracted state crisis, canceled the recognition of the Republic of Belarus and unilaterally recognized the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic as the legitimate representation of the BPR.[3]
  • Konakia - on election night the National Committee for Foreign Policy declared Konakia's lack of support for the very existence of Belarus, implying the need for its annexation by Russia.


  1. Foreign Office of Cycoldia (November 27, 2021) Change in Recognition of Government of the Nation of Belarus