Micronational reactions to the 2021 Cuban Protests

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The 2021 Cuban protests are a series of ongoing protests against the Cuban government and the ruling Communist Party of Cuba that began on 11 July 2021, triggered by shortages of food and medicine and the government's response to the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba.


Support for the Opposition

Support for the Government

The Ecologist Republic of Bartonia fully supports the government of the Republic of Cuba. The supply crisis, whereby the inhabitants of Cuba lack important medicines and the state energy, was caused early on by the imperialist-capitalist USA, which has always caused problems for democratic, socialist states and prevented them from developing. The supply crisis was caused (fact-based) by the economic embargo of the USA. Bartonia will support the democratic-socialist government of Cuba under President Miguel Díaz-Canel as much as possible to keep the country free from capitalism, neoliberalism, neo-fascism and imperialism.

— Cal Sewa, Doge of Bartonia