Micronational reactions to the 2022 Kazakhstan Protests

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The following are micronational reactions to the 2022 Kazakhstan protests leading to the resignation of the government.[1][2][3][4]


The following micronations have offered their public support for the protesters.

  • Republic of Tavil - The government of the Republic of Tavil issued a message stating that it supports the protesters in Kazakhstan.

The state of the Republic of Tavil supports the protesters in the events in Kazakhstan. The people of Kazakhstan will bring democracy to Kazakhstan. We stand with the people of Kazakhstan.

  •  New Lubenia - The principality "strongly condemned the Moscow occupation of Kazakhstan" and called on the world community to "stop the Kremlin Nazi plague".[5]
  • Federal Republic of Anvurna Anvurna will participate by supporting the dissemination of news and videos of protesters opposing the Tokaev dictatorship, to encourage the struggle for democracy and freedom in Kazakhstan.[6]
  • Republic of Abenica - On 8 January 2022, Decree 3/2022 was issued, condemning the regime of Kasim-Yomart Tokaev and imposing a total trade and tourism embargo on him for his order to shoot to kill dissidents to his dictatorial regime, a very serious violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.[7]
  • Republic of Amazonia - The Amazonian Government support the protesters, called on the Kazakh government to release all political prisoners and stop the massacre on protesters. On 9 January Amazonia imposed arms embargoes on Kazakhstan and Russia. President Tuyết stated Tokayev's crackdown on the protest is "The dying struggles of a mad dictator". But the Yusienian government reversed course in favor of the Kazakh government in 2023.
  • Golania The Golani government supported the protestors aswell stating that “nations of the world should repeal any acts that worsen the life conditions very clearly, including Kazakhstan.”[8]
  • Rino Island The Republic of Rino Island released a lengthy statement saluting "the brave people of the Republic of Kazakhstan in their struggle against tyranny" and calling on Russia to intervene in defense of the Kazakhs under threat from the Tokayev regime. The statement included an image of Borat. [9]


The following micronations have condemned the protesters.

  •  Paloma
  • Kingdom of Neithland - The Kingdom of Neithland defends the constitutional order in force in Kazakhstan, unreservedly condemns foreign interference by NATO and the sponsorship of Islamic terrorists to destabilize the countries bordering Russia.
  •  Snagov
  •  Zeprana
  • Yusienia (since 2023)


The following micronations have publicly offered their neutrality in the affair.