Micronational reactions to the Chinese Uyghur internment

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This is a list of the following micronations / micronationalists' public reactions to the ongoing internment of Uyghurs by the People's Republic of China.


Support for the Chinese government

  • Islamic Republic of Vlasina - President Muhammad Isaković said that: Uyghur concetration camps are a rumor made up by west to try to topple regime of Glorious Leader Xi Jinping.

Opposition to the Chinese government

  • Savakop Socialist People's Republic - The Savakopian government heavily condemns the actions of the Chinese government enforcing atheism to the minority Uyghur Turks. Furkan Altay insults the United Nations by saying “You have all these members you claim you maintain peace but yet you cannot solve any problems in middle east Kashmir Centeral Asia and now China. It worries me that you say you maintain peace but you still cannot solve an ongoing war in Kashmir. The United Nations has no purpose within international politics and should be abolished into a more caring and realistic organisation.”
  •  Gradonia- The Kingdom of Gradonia, per a decision in the Konlichstag, formally condemned the PRC's mistreatment of Uyghurs on its Twitter.[1]
  • William I of Gradonia - The king of Gradonia expressed his personal opposition to the treatment of the Uyghurs in his opening speech at the Konlichstad: "This kind of thing has happened before, Russia, Germany, the United States, Turkey, and others. We couldn't stand against those camps because we weren't born. But we can speak up against it now, and hope our voices are heard better than our predecessors'."
  • Republic of Tavil - The Parliament of the Republic of Tavil accepted China's policy against the Uyghur Turks as genocide in the parliament vote held on March 17, 2021, which strongly condemned the oppression and persecution of China's Uyghur Turks.
  • The Democratic Christian Republic of Melite President Secretary Matthew Tonna's statement: "The D.C.R. has never recognized the "People's" Republic of China, as it is an illegitimate government occupying the Chinese Mainland illegally. The D.C.R. condemns the mistreatment of the Uyghurs, but does not recognize East Turkestan, as the case of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland, as they belong to the Republic of China."
  • Sacrée
  •  Suverska - Suverska criticised the Chinese government in 2020 and declared the event a genocide in January 2021.
  •  Grand Republic of Cycoldia - The Grand Republic of Cycoldia is in opposition to the Uyghur re-education camps.
  •  Georgienstine
  •  Baránok
  • Second American Empire
  •  Lytera - Lytera has often attacked the Chinese government and has never officially recognised it, preferring the Republic of China. In March 2021, they declared the ongoing event a genocide.[2]
  • Res Publica Ensia - The head of Ensia condemned China's actions against the Uyghurs, and recognizes them as cultural genocide.
  • Swena - While Theodia itself does not express opinions on the internal affairs of other countries, its founder has been outspoken in his opposition to the ongoing genocide in China.
  • Republic of Amazonia - The President Vân Tinh Nghiên Tuyết has repeatedly publicly condemned the Chinese authorities' massive human rights violations against Uyghurs in Xinjiang, and declared it a genocide in April 2021.
  •  Caudonia - Prince William I has condemned China's actions against the Uyghurs.
  • Bartonia
  • Uris - On recommendation of State Elder/Consul Otto Gillespie Birch, the Imperial Union of Uris has made their intent clear to support boycotts for the 2022 Olympics for their human right abuses on the Uyghur people.
  •  East Galway - “East Galway says that the Chinese government should release the Uyghur peoples”
  •  Richensland
  • Kingdom of Wellmoore
  • Princian Commonwealth - The independence of the People's Republic of China is currently not recognised by Princia, thus the Chinese Uyghur internment is viewed by the Princian government as a rebel operation within the Republic of China's mainland territory.
  • Arstotzkan Union - Extreme condemnation. Eventually leading to dissolvement of Arstotzkan - New Zealand Relations in reaction to lack of condemnation. Officially recognizing the Republic of China.
  • Imperial Republic of Traverria - Heavy condemnation, as well as the boycotting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Traverria chose to recognize the Republic of China, as well as Tibet, East Turkestan, Hong Kong, and Macau without recognizing PR China.
  • Unitaria - Rachel Burklandssen in her role as Minister of Foreign Affairs condemned the Uyghur genocide on MicroWiki, stating that, "The Uyghur genocide is one of many ways in which the Communist Party of China, a designated terrorist organization, oppresses the diverse peoples of China. Unitaria condemns this wholeheartedly."
  •  Slavtria - The Federal government of Slavtria has never formally released any statement about the Uyghur situation, but the Slavtrian government does officially recognize the Uyghur Government-in-Exile and recognizes Taiwan to be the legitimate government of Mainland China by Slavtria.
  • EXE/SDA California Republic - The president said in a speech that re-education camps in china are just modern concentration camps but communist and has rolled back recognition of the Peoples Republic of China and has recognizes East Turkistan as a independent country.
  • Republica de Rhodesia-Yara- President of the Republic has said that ´Madness of the communists will never stop, and this is perfect example of that´. Republic has also recognized East Turkestan as an Independent country.


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