Mimasian Army

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Mimasian Army
CountryArchduchy of Mimas
GeneralArchduke Christoph II
Christoph II
Victor Lárbero
Military Ensign of Mimas
Commandsign of the Archduke

The Mimasian Army is the branch of the Mimasian Defense Force with responsibility for land warfare.


Before 2015 no military branches existed in the Archduchy of Mimas. When Mimas was reinstated as a nation His Royal Highness Christoph II also founded the Mimasian Defense Force. It was decided that the military was to be divided into two branches: the Army and the Mimasian Navy.

In June 2015 the Privy Council decided that the main objective of the Defense Force was coffee drinking. No work on insignia or actual rank system was created until 2020 when the Conscription Law was enacted. The new law made it compulsory for all citizens to fill in a conscription form. Based on the answers in the form, a citizen can be made to enlist in the Defense Force.


The Mimasian Army has with its coffee drinking mission been engaged in several engagements since its formation. Apart from coffee drinking engagements no real military campaigns in the defense of Mimas have occurred. The army trains regularly on weekly basis. Training consists of tabletop war games, simulations and field exercises.

The Brown Breakfast of Förslöv

In 2018 parts of the army were engaged in a highly dangerous breakfast in Förslöv. The breakfast included large volumes of black coffee, brown beans, isterband, orange juice, bacon, eggs and butter fried bread. The combatants were all incapacitated for several hours after the breakfast with symptoms of both nausea and stomach aches.

Ranks of the army

Mimas' culture is heavily influenced by its geographical location and the ranks of the army were created with the Swedish military ranks as model. In the rank insignia the coffee traditions of the army can be seen with the presence of coffee beans.

Menig Korpral Sergeant Fänrik Löjtnant Kapten Major Överste Brigadgeneral Generalmajor Generallöjtnant General
Private Corporal Sergeant Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Brigadier-general Major-general Lieutenant-general General

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