Minister of State (Sancratosia)

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Minister of State of Sancratosia
Ministro de Stato de Sancratosia (Lingua Franca Nova)
Signature of the Ministry of State
Cristian Neuton

since 11 January 2022 (2022-01-11)
Ministry of State
StyleHis Excellency
Member ofGovernment Council
Reports toSovereign Princess
AppointerSovereign Princess
Term lengthServes at the pleasure of the Sovereign Princess
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Sancratosia
Inaugural holderCristian Neuton[a]

The Minister of State (Lingua Franca Nova: Ministro de Stato), is the head of government of Sancratosia and serves at the pleasure of the Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia.

The Minister presides the Government Council and is also the head of the Ministry of State.

On 11 January 2022 (2022-01-11), Cristian Neuton was appointed as the Minister of State.[1]

Powers of the Minister of State

According to the Constitution, the Minister of State represents the Princess and exercises the government, with the help of the Government Council on her authority. They are also responsible for the public force[b] in Sancratosia. The Minister of State is generally the one that nominates candidates for the different positions in the Government Council, which have to be approved by the Sovereign Princess who appoints them.

The Minister of State presides, with a deciding vote, the Government Council.

The position is mutually exclusive with that of member of the Crown Council. There are no provisions in the Constitution that the functions of Minister of State are incompatible with other functions in Sancratosia.

List of office holders

Portrait Appointment start Appointment end Time in office Notes
Cristian Neuton
(born 2000)
11 January 2022 (2022-01-11) Incumbent 1 year, 263 days
  • First Sancratosian national.[2]
  • First Minister of State of Sancratosia.

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Informational notes

  1. Cristian Neuton is the Sancratosian name of Christian Newton.
  2. Includes both the Public Force and the Public Security.


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