Ministry of Territories and the Diaspora

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Ministry of Territories and the Diaspora
Established 19 January 2021
Minister of Territories and the Diaspora Lord Andrew, Baron of Corinium Terentium

The Ministry of Territories and the Diaspora was a government body within the Empire of Austenasia which had a remit covering Territories and non-residential subjects.

The Ministry was founded by an Act of Parliament on 19 January 2021, after an agreement was reached in November 2020 between Emperor Jonathan I and then-PM Lord John Gordon that an effort should be made to give Austenasians outside of Towns more of a say in politics. Lord Andrew was appointed the first Minister by the Act creating the Ministry.

The Ministry was responsible for representing the views and interests of non-residential subjects to Cabinet in an advisory capacity, relaying to Cabinet the concerns, requests or opinions of Governors regarding their respective Territories, and encouraging Governors to compile and publish information and photographs regarding their respective Territories.

On 5 June 2022, the Ministry was abolished and merged into the Home Office. Lord Andrew was appointed Home Secretary in August later that year, with the remit of the Home Office having been accordingly expanded to include the functions of the Ministry of Territories and the Diaspora.