Ministers of the Cupertino Alliance

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List of Ministers

(Constituting instrument)
Took office

Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs
(Ministers Act)

Hamilton Official Portrait 2020.png

Daniel Hamilton
(Unified Royal States of Australis)

22 October 2020


Minister of Agreements and Development
(Ministers Act)

Matthew Xia
(Republic of Yu-Xia)
29 March 2020

Minister of Membership Attainment
(Ministers Act)


William Efton
(Fifth Aenderian Republic)

22 March 2020
Minister of Environment and Geographical Information
(Division of Environment and Geographical Information Act)

Cole picrew.png

Cole Baird
(Federal Union of Wegmat)

22 April 2020
Minister of Public Relations
(Act 126, an Act to form the Public Relations Ministry)
Luke Warren
(North American Commonwealth)
22 April 2020 - 23 May 2020
Minister of Microwiki Affairs
An act to establish the Microwiki Improvement Division)

Logan I.jpg

Simon Reeve
(Empire of Aenopia)

30 May 2020
Minister of Europe and Asia
(Act 172)
Sertor Valentinus
(Kingdom of Pinelandia)
30 May 2020

Non-ministerial positions

(Constituting instrument)
Took office
Superior Judge Carson Snyder 2019.jpg

Carson Snyder
(Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon)

16 August 2021