Ministry of Admissions (Wellmoore)

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The Ministry of Admissions (MOA or MoA) is the Government Ministry responsible for implementing the immigration and border control policy set by HM's Government of Wellmoore and is the headquarters of the Border Inspection Agency.

Ministry of Admissions
Ministério de Admissões
Agency overview
Formed14th of March 2020
TypeGovernment Ministry
JurisdictionKingdom of Wellmoore
Minister responsible
  • None Appointed, Minister of Admissions


The Ministry of Admissions was the first Cabinet Ministry of the Government of Wellmoore to be founded. The Ministry was founded on the 14 March 2020.


The Ministry is run by the Minister of Admissions.

The Minister of Defence is appointed by the Monarch or the Prime Minister of Wellmoore.

Senior Border Officers

The Commissioner of the BIA is the Professional Head of the Border Inspection Agency. They also advise the Minister of Admissions and the Prime Minister of Wellmoore.

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