Ministry of Commerce (Ebenthal)

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Ministry of State for Commerce and Industry
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2014
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
Ministers responsible
Child agency

The Ministry of Commerce, officially Ministry of State for Commerce and Industry (Portuguese: Ministério de Estado de Comércio e Indústria), formerly called Ministry of Commerce and Public Works, is a ministerial department of Ebenthal responsible for conducting the country's economic, fiscal and financial policy. The ministry is led by the Minister of Commerce and Industry who is appointed by the Prime Minister. Formerly the ministry was also responsible for carrying out public works of infrastructure, but this burden was incorporated into the Ministry of the Interior. As of 2023, the Ministry of Commerce is growing in importance with the development of the economy of Ebenthal.


The Minister of Commerce has considerable control over other departments as it is the Ministry that sets Departmental Expenditure Limits. The amount of power this gives to an individual ministry depends on their personal forcefulness, their status within their party and their relationship with the prime minister. One part of the Minister of Commerce's key roles involves the framing of the annual year budget. Ebenthal's fiscal year ends on the 5th of January. The budget is a state secret until the minister reveals it in his speech to the Konkrëse.

Although the Bank of Ebenthal is responsible for setting interest rates, the Minister of Commerce also plays an important part in the monetary policy structure. He sets the inflation target which the Bank must set interest rates to meet. Under the Royal Constitution the Minister is responsible for appointing the President of the Bank of Ebenthal and has the power to appoint as many members as half of the Financial Policy Committee. The Constitution also provides that the Government has the power to give instructions to the Bank on interest rates for a limited period in extreme circumstances.

At HM Treasury the Minister of Commerce is supported by a political team of civil servants appointed by the President of the Bank of Ebenthal, which also holds the office of Lord Treasurer, and to whom the negotiations with other government departments on the details of government spending are delegated.

List of ministers

No. Name Portrait Office Party Prime Minister
I The Marquis of Nova Gallar 08 November
29 December
Conservative Party The Marquis of Savaßi
II The Count of Theudigisel 16 January
29 June
Moderate Party The Duke of Aureanburgh
III The Duke of Grünewald 29 June
8 March
Conservative Party The Prince Fernando
IV The Count of Ivrea 8 March
8 September
Worker's Party The Duchess of Guterfolg
V Bernardo Barcelos 8 September
present Moderate Party (until 2022)
New Democratic Party
The Duke of Aureanburgh
Henri Sãens
The Baron of Sommerlath

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