Ministry of Environmental Affairs (New Prussia)

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Ministry of Environmental Affairs
Ministerium für Umwelt
Agency overview
Formed20 November 2021
JurisdictionEmpire of New Prussia
Minister responsible
  • Coco Harms
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Vacant
Agency executive
  • Sanitation Commissioner, Vacant
Parent departmentNew Prussian Imperial Government

The Ministry of Environmental Affairs, or MEA, is an executive government branch of the Empire of New Prussia. The Ministry oversees its child department of which is the Department of Sanitation.


The Ministry of Environmental Affairs was created on 20 November 2021. The Ministry was created, via Imperial Decree I, to oversee environmental protection, the use of natural resources and conservation.


As of 20 November 2021, there is only one agency of the MEA

Department of Sanitation

The Department of Sanitation is a child department of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs. Its propose is to maintain cleanliness in city streets and recycling.