Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ebenthal)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2014
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Ebenthal
Ministers responsible
Child agency
  • The Crown's Diplomatic Service

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officially Ministry of State for Foreign Affairs (Portuguese: Ministério de Estado e Negócios Estrangeiros), sometimes referred to as Foreign Ministry, is a ministerial department of Ebenthal responsible for conduct the country's international relations and foreign policy. The ministry is headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is formally appointed by the Prime Minister of Ebenthal. Nevertheless, the Sovereign exerts a high influence on the choice of the foreign minister, often being directly responsible for it.

The office was the first ministerial agency established when Ebenthal became independent in 11 August 2014, and its native name was inspired by the Empire of Brazil's foreing office, which was Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiro (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), as opposed to the Federative Republic of Brazil's Ministério de Relações Exteriores (Ministry of External Relations). Historically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most active ministry and considered one of the three most prestigious positions in the cabinet, along with the Ministry of the Interior and the office of Prime Minister.

The Foreign Ministry is managed day-to-day by a civil servant, the Chancellor, who also acts as the Head of Ebenthal's Diplomatic Service.


According to government explanations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for:

  • Conduct the foreign relations of the Kingdom of Ebenthal towards other sovereign, non-sovereign, public or private states or entities.
  • Apply the foreign policy as designed by the Cabinet.
  • Safeguard the security and national interests of the Kingdom of Ebenthal.
  • Supporting Ebenthali nationals around the world through consular services.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for overseeing the government's foreign policy as decided by the Cabinet and for conducting Ebenthal's international relations with other countries or sovereign entities. The ministry mainly maintains embassies in countries or regions that are of national interest for various reasons in order to promote its interests and provide support to Ebenthali citizens. Consulates are also maintained as regionalized representations of the Ebenthal government.

Diplomatic missions of Ebenthal

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has numerous diplomats assigned to various states, regions and organisations; these are appointed by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on the advice of the Chancellor, who through holding that office holds responsibility for relations with all nations and peoples that do not have a specifically designated diplomat. The function the role of ambassadors and consuls is to represent the interests of the government of Ebenthel and support the citizens of Ebenthal in that specific country or region they have been assigned to and to raise awareness of the country's existence.

Ambassadors are diplomats assigned to a sovereign state or larger geographical and cultural region, whereas consuls-general and consuls are assigned to a specific region or city within a sovereign state. The majority of ambassadors do not have embassies over which the State has claimed extraterritoriality.

Current diplomatic missions

List of ministers

It follows a list of ministers since the beggining of King Arthur II's reign.

No. Name Portrait Office Party Prime Minister
I The Count of Balten 27 September
16 January
Moderate Party The Marquis of Savaßi
The Duke of Aureanburgh
II The Duchess of Zerrenthin 16 January
8 September
Independent The Duke of Aureanburgh
The Prince Fernando
The Duchess of Guterfolg
Concurrently served as Minister of the Interior
III Matteo Lucattini 8 September
present Independent Henri Sãens
The Baron of Sommerlath

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