Ministry of Foreign Relations (New Prussia)

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Ministry of Foreign Relations
Ministerium für Auswärtige Beziehungen
Agency overview
Formed25 May 2018
JurisdictionEmpire of New Prussia
Minister responsible
  • August Harms
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Vacant
Agency executives
  • Director of Foreign Communications, Vacant
  • Chief Archivist, Vacant
Parent departmentNew Prussian Imperial Government

The Ministry of Foreign Relations, or MFR, is an executive government branch of the Empire of New Prussia.


The Ministry of Foreign Relations was created on 25 May 2018. The Ministry was created to establish treaties with other nations and creating and maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations. The Ministry was majorly updated on February 19 of 2022, due to the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Revision) Act of 2022.


As of 19 February 2022, there are two agencies of the MFR.

Department of Foreign Communication

The Department of Communication is responsible for representing New Prussia and communicating to foreign nations.

Department of Diplomatic Archives

The Department of Diplomatic Archives is responsible for keeping track of diplomatic meetings and treaties of mutual recognition.

Treaty of Mutual Recognition Criteria

This criteria was created on February 19, 2022, to help create more friendlier and peaceful relationships with other nations.

  • 1 Nation must be 30 days/one month old
  • 2 Must not have had a conflict that your nation was involved in any shape or form within the past year
  • 3 No fascism, race/gender supremacy, or racist governments
  • 4 Don't have a history of being aggressive towards other nations due to jealousy, malice, or just for fun

If your nation matches the criteria, you are eligible for a treaty. If your nation does not match the criteria, your nation is not eligible for a treaty.

Foreign Relations

Treaties of Mutual recognition with active nations

Treaties of Mutual Recognition with defunct nations

Treaties of Mutual Recognition in progress