Ministry of Justice (East Evinsa)

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East Evinsa Ministry of Justice is one of twelve local authorities of East Evinsa which is responsible for application of the laws , punishment of the crimes and to maintain the social equality.

East Evinsa has four court types which are Citizenship Rights Courts , Supreme Courts , High Criminal Court and normal courts.All courts are operated by the Ministry of Justice.

As an example for cases , transportation right between federal areas of a dog citizen was violated which is result as a case at national courts to examine and punish the responsible person if needed. During this case , local people of Evinsa reminded that dog community has rights which can not be violated as a result of discrimination.

In 2020 , a case brought to the Supreme Courts for the first time in history. Case was about violations towards citizenship rights of dogs which is done by the government.

In every region , one city hosts the courts. In the mainland there are courts in East Noelamsterdam and Hinterhof. In federal part of mainland there are courts in Ozermanchester. In Northwest Federal there are courts in Frankopolis which are working for the whole federal area.